• Using Delesign
    • Delesign Requests
      • Slack and Delesign
      • Issues Submitting Projects via Email
      • Submit Projects Via Email
      • Design Requests and Your Deadlines
      • Issues Submitting Email Messages To Designer
      • How To Make Great Design Requests
      • Design Request Delivery Speeds
      • How Long Do Designs Or Revisions Take To Complete?
    • Getting Started +
      • Communicate with your designer and manage your projects via Slack
      • Client Portal Secrets And Tips
      • How Do I Login To My Account?
      • How To Get Started With Delesign
    • Revisions +
      • How To Make A Revision Or Provide Feedback
      • How Many Revisions Do I Get
    • Subscription +
      • How can I cancel or put on hold my subscription?
      • Day and Night Schedule
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Delesign Account +
      • What's The Difference Between The Senior Designer And The Graphic Designer Service?
      • How Does Delesign Work? What is the process?
      • Does Delesign Have A Referral or Affiliate Program?
      • How Can I Review My Past Receipts/Invoices?
      • How Can I Change My Credit Card Information?
      • How Can I Change My Email Address?
      • How Can I Change My Password?
      • Can Others Use My Account?
      • I Put My Account On Hold And Am Ready To Start Up Again. What Do I Do?
      • I Canceled My Subscription Earlier. I Want To Sign Up Again. What Do I Do?
      • Are There Long-Term Contracts?
      • Will My Designer Ever Be Switched?
      • How Can I Contact Support?
      • Bulk Design Requests
    • Design +
      • Can My Designer Really Create All of The Complex Designs Delesign Mentions?
      • How Can Delesign Be So Inexpensive?
      • Can I Use Delesign for Multiple Brands?
      • What Fonts Do You Use?
  • Best Practices and How to Help
    • Delesign Account +
      • Print Bleed
      • How Can I Download My Files?
      • Can I Organize My Queue Of Design Requests?
      • Using Go, Delesign’s Client Platform
      • What Are The Price Differences Between Night and Day Schedules?
    • Design Scope +
      • Examples of Great Design Requests
      • Can Delesign Create App Designs?
      • Can Delesign Create Web Design?
      • Can Delesign Create Explainer Videos?
      • Can Delesign Create Animation?
      • Can Delesign Edit Videos?
      • Print Bleed
      • Can I Use Delesign In The T-shirt Marketplace?
      • Using Our Free Images
    • Subscription and Designer +
      • Can I Change My Delesign Designer?
      • What If Something Goes Wrong?
      • Print Bleed
      • How Can I Download My Files?
      • Can Delesign Help Me With My Presentation?
      • Typos And The Importance Of Proofreading
      • Sketching A Design Request
      • How Can I Select When My Designer Works?
      • How Can I Change When My Designer Works?
  • About Delesign
    • Company +
      • Delesign Recognized Holidays
      • Do You Have Any Sample Work?
      • Where Are Your Offices Located?
      • Who Can Use Delesign?
      • Official Scope Of Our Design Service
      • Our 15-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee
    • Design Subscription +
      • Graphic Designer Scope of Service
      • Senior Designer Scope of Service
      • Can I Use Delesign For My Clients?
      • Who Can Use Delesign?
      • Do I Own The Creative Work?
      • What Does Unlimited Mean?
      • How To Sign Up For Delesign
      • Our 15-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee

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