Day and Night Schedule

Day and Night Schedule

Created May 30, 2018

Only with Delesign can you select when your Delesign designer works. Our designers work during one of two schedules (M-F):

“Day”: Your designer will be available from 6am – 4pm Pacific Time (US daytime hours)
“Night”: Your designer will be available from 6pm – 4am Pacific Time (US nighttime hours)

Both schedules are priced the same. Which option you select is up to you, and each option has its own benefits depending on your work schedule and time zone.

For example, those living in the Americas who would prefer to be able to communicate with their designer throughout the day would likely prefer the “Day” schedule. Those living outside the Americas would likely prefer the “Night” schedule.

For those clients living in the Americas who select the “Night” schedule, please note that the first day of your designer’s schedule each week will start Sunday 6pm Pacific Time. The last day of each week ends on Fridays 4am Pacific Time. For Day clients living in the US, the first shift of the week will start Monday 6am Pacific Time, and end 4pm Friday Pacific Time.

The initial selection of Day or Night occurs right after you’ve signed up for our service. If you later find that the option you have selected is not right for you – no need to fret! You can switch your schedule at anytime through your Account Settings while logged in to our website. Of course, since your designer is a real human, changing your Delesign schedule means that you will be paired with a new designer who works during that schedule.

Please note that with one Delesign subscription, your designer will allocate 2 hours daily on your design projects and will not be working on your projects during the entirety of their work schedule. They will still respond to your messages promptly within the schedule hours. One subscription is more than enough for most clients, however for clients with additional design needs, we allow additional subscriptions.

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