Slack and Delesign

Slack and Delesign

Created July 12, 2019

Effective communication is necessary in building successful relationships (and design projects). That’s why we make it super easy to communicate with your dedicated Delesign designer through our online portal, email, and even Slack!

After signing up and matching with your Delesign designer, you’ll be able to add your designer to your team’s Slack workspace. If you aren’t already using Slack, but want to take advantage of this, no problem. You can let us know and we’ll even create your Slack workspace for you – all for free.

If you don’t want to use Slack, no problem. Our client portal was custom built to ensure easy communication with your designer and for effective project management. You can watch a live demo of our client portal at

All of this is included with our flat monthly design services at no additional cost. Learn more and sign up today with our 15 day money back guarantee at