Client Portal Secrets And Tips

Client Portal Secrets And Tips

Created August 20, 2019

Integrate with Zapier

You’ll be able to integrate Delesign into any of thousands of the apps integrated with Zapier. For example, you can create a zap that will automatically create a new design request on Delesign whenever someone creates a task on Asana. Or you can automatically have your completed design outputs uploaded to a Google Drive folder whenever a project is marked as complete on Delesign.

The possibilities are endless.


Submit projects via Slack

In addition to being able to add your Delesign designer to your team’s Slack workspace, Delesign makes it easy to submit projects to the Delesign portal without even having to login to the Delesign portal. Using Delesign’s Slack app, you can submit, view, and update projects all directly through Slack.


Use our API

If you want to get hands-on, you can use Delesign’s API to completely customize the Delesign experience.


Submit Projects Via Email

Delesign makes it easy to submit projects to your Delesign designer through the client portal. Did you know that you can also submit projects to your designer via email? Through this secret trick, you can submit your project via email and have it show up in the client portal.


Drag & Drop Images

It’s obvious that you can attach images to your project through the attach button, but did you know that you can also drag and drop them directly into the project’s fields? You can even do this with images found online.


Star A Project

Want to mark a project to make it easily accessible in the future? Star it to have it be saved in the “Starred” filter.


Mark Project As Complete

Marking a project as complete, instead of leaving it as open status, will effectively communicate to your designer that they can stop working on this project.

Once a project is complete, you will be able to leave a review on your designer’s performance. Your feedback will help our management team ensure you continue to receive high quality output that meets Delesign’s high standards.

You can access the client portal, Go, anytime by visiting